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I'm looking at a recently published deck from an organization called CIO Executive Board. (Despite its high-falutin' name, it's really just another consultancy.) I thought the study's title
Hmmm, I don't know how much of these numbers in front of me I'm allowed to share. A lot of it is IBM-confidential. But I'll try to walk the thin line.It's public knowledge that IBM is a player in the cloud computing
I get more comments on security than any other topic on this blog. So I thought I'd pass this on to you in case you haven't seen this before:
The wildly popular "Cash for Clunkers" auto program is so successful that the government spokesperson suggested that the computer system was overrun and crashed due to high demand.
As part of my daily research, I subscribe to LinkedIn's Cloud Hosting & Service Providers Forum, where I saw an interesting post yesterday.It was about the now-defunct, though highly successful in the short run, Car Allowance Rebate
If you haven't read the UC Berkeley RAD Systems Lab paper, "Above the Clouds," it's well worth the effort.Written in a conversational rather than academic tone, it discusses the technical, line-of
Thanks to Jeff Schneider ...JVC to Move to the Cloud: Will spend $27.4 million more or less (2.6 billion yen) so IBM can lift it into an outsourced cloud
Bernard Golden had another interesting point in his "Skinny Straw" article, which I referenced this past week: Some applications are going to require
If you haven't already, could you please take a quick look at the 31 July entry, "Scattered Clouds"?I'd like to see how close we can get to mapping the entire cloud
My IBM colleague Mark May flagged this interesting article for me, by open source guru Bernard Golden for CIO magazine online:http
I came across a fascinating blog today ...http://srinikumar.wordpress.com/Srini Kumar asks, "Do you know what your CEO wants?"Don't assume you do. Kumar enumerates five
So where is this "cloud" physically ... in meat space.I went to find out. First, I started with a very helpful grid courtesy of John L. Willis's IT Management and Cloud Blog at
In a comment on an earlier entry, a reader who wishes to be known only as Alec referred to the "knowledge concentration" that a third-party provider brings. He was talking about the ASP model, but acknowledges this holds for cloud providers as well.
First, sorry for the disappearing act. I was given the brief to start this blog in my spare time, then they took away my spare time. I've got the work-life balance to post at least every few days now going forward.But I'm not going to blog
I make you two promises.First, this blog will have more dollar signs and numbers with commas in them than any other blog about cloud computing. This space is all about the business end of cloud. I leave the technological
So you just signed a statement of work hiring contractors to help you transform from the parochial, siloed organization you are to the lean, plugged-in, "cloud" organization you want to be. How will you know when the job's done? And once it is, how will
Welcome, and thanks for joining the discussion.To briefly introduce myself, I work for IBM as a business management consultant. I handle a lot of the number-crunching, CFO-facing stuff. Basically, I'm called upon to do three things: